Nephrology and Cardiovascular Health

Nephrology and cardiovascular health are intricately interconnected fields of medicine that share a symbiotic relationship. Nephrology deals with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of kidney-related disorders, while cardiovascular health focuses on the heart and circulatory system. The link between these two specialties lies in their mutual influence on each other, as imbalances in one system can significantly impact the other


    Related Conference of Nephrology and Cardiovascular Health

    June 13-14, 2024

    9th World Kidney Congress

    Barcelona, Spain
    July 25-26, 2024

    28th European Nephrology Conference

    Frankfurt, Germany
    October 03-04, 2024

    22nd International Conference on Nephrology, Urology and Therapeutics

    Singapore City, Singapore

    Nephrology and Cardiovascular Health Conference Speakers

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